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Electronic Devices

Coast High School is a technologically innovative school that values and honors the utilization of technology within the context of a high quality education. As such, we have crafted a "Responsible Use Agreement" regarding electronic devices such as cell phones.
"Responsible use" means that students will not allow the electronic device to disrupt instruction, the learning environment, or the learning process for any student. Electronic devices have become commonplace, and it is important that students be allowed to learn and practice responsible usage for school, including college and the workplace beyond. Teachers also have the discretion to lead students in classroom practices that may include electronic devices as instructional tools.
If a student chooses not to abide by the responsible use agreement, the teacher will ask the student to place their electronic device in one of our classroom charging locker bays until the end of the period or otherwise instructed. Each locker bay is password protected and includes charging capabilities. These are the same innovative electronic device stations utilized by Harvard University and NASA.