Coast High School

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Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Coast High School

Learner Outcomes


Coast High School students are:

Critical thinkers who:

  • Analyze, organize and apply information
  • Develop & express creative ideas and solutions
  • Demonstrate continued growth in higher-level thinking skills

Lifelong Learners who:

  • Understand the importance of new experiences and continual education
  • Are College and Career ready and committed to high academic and personal standards
  • Work well collaboratively in diverse settings

Responsible Citizens who:

  • Set long and short term goals
  • Acknowledge and are accountable for their actions and choices as participants in a global society
  • Demonstrate respect, integrity, and compassion for others and the ability to adapt and cope in difficult situations

Effective Communicators who:

  • Listen and communicate well in written, verbal, and non-verbal modes
  • Understand and ethically use technology in communication
  • Show respect for varied perspectives and resolve conflict through positive avenues