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Dress Code


PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Please read and review this dress code with your student.
Parents/Guardians should assist Coast High School staff by checking to see that students are dressed appropriately for the school environment prior to leaving home.
Students are encouraged to wear clean, neat clothing that is appropriate for the classroom environment. CHS prohibits any attire which is disruptive to the educational process, learning environment, or school activities.
CHS prohibits clothing which are sexually suggestive, provocative, or revealing or contain suggestive or provocative messages. Examples include:
  • Bare midriff tops
  • Halter tops, off-the-shoulder tops or spaghetti strap tops that show cleavage
  • Short shorts or low-cut pants that are revealing or show under garments
  • Swim wear or tube tops
  • Muscle shirts
  • Pajamas or slippers

CHS prohibits clothing that are unsafe, dangerous, or hazardous to health. This includes:

  • Facial piercing that becomes a safety issue for other students or staff
  • Socks or sock-like footwear without shoes or slippers
  • Sunglasses in the classroom
  • Hats worn in the classroom

Students are encouraged to be tolerant of others and to develop healthy lifestyles. Clothing that carries a message of intolerance, obscenity, or is demeaning, that can lead to conflict and is disruptive to the learning environment is not acceptable.

  • CHS prohibits any attire that displays words or symbols that degrade gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, or ethnicity
  • CHS prohibits clothing and jewelry that advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances, illegal acts, weapons, or that promote violence

CHS prohibits any gang-related clothing styles that, upon guidance of law enforcement agencies, is considered gang-related. Due to changing trends in gang attire, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and grooming styles, restrictions may change as necessary. Examples include:

  • Shorts when worn with socks touching the bottom hem of the shorts
  • Spikes or chains on any article of clothing
  • Head coverings such as hats, visors, bandanas, caps, hair nets, and scarves (except for medical or religious reasons)
  • Monikers or other gang markings
  • Jewelry/buckles with gang symbols or initials other than your own
  • Visible tattoos (gang, prison, or obscene)
  • Steel-toed shoes or boots
  • Student backpacks, notebooks, folders, or other carrying bags that display graffiti, obscene symbols, signs, slogans, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or degrading depictions

Students who do not meet these standards may be required to change the offending clothing. Parents/guardians will be contacted. Repeated violations may result in further disciplinary action.

Should you have any questions, contact (714) 848-5160 x4441