Coast High School

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coast high school a continuation school?

No. Coast High School is a college prep alternative school of choice. Students voluntarily enroll for many different reasons, from flexible scheduling to smaller student:teacher ratios, to a smaller learning environment, to blended learning through hybrid online classes. Coast High School is comparable in course length, content, and rigor to traditional schools.


Is Coast High School a charter school?

No. Coast High School is a tuition-free public school and belongs to the Huntington Beach Union High School District.


Does Coast High School cost tuition money?

No. Coast High School is a tuition-free public school provided by the Huntington Beach Union High School District.


How will my transcript read if I attend Coast High School?

The courses on the transcript read the same as the courses offered through traditional schools. There is no difference in the courses. Coast high school courses are comparable in length, content, and rigor to traditional schools. Your transcript will read “Coast High School” as the school for the time you attend Coast, as it would for any other school you attend.


What differentiates Coast High School from a traditional high school?

Coast High School offers a blended learning model with online hybrid courses, flexible scheduling, smaller student:teacher ratios, and a smaller learning environment to name a few.


Is Coast High School for credit recovery?

In general, no. Coast High School is not primarily designed for credit recovery. Valley Vista High School, the district’s continuation high school, is designed for credit recovery. There are also credit recovery courses available through the traditional schools. That being said, if a student fails a small handful of courses, it is possible to make up the courses through Coast, much like if you were to fail a course at a traditional high school and retake the course. However, this is on a limited basis.


Do you have a graduation ceremony?

Yes. We hold a cap and gown graduation ceremony in June in the beautiful Huntington Beach High School APA Theatre.


Is a diploma from Coast High School the same as a diploma from a traditional high school?

Yes. Coast courses are UC/CSU A-G approved and Coast is an NCAA approved school.


Will my student miss the “high school experience?”

Coast High School students are still eligible to attend home school dances and spectate at sporting events if they remain in good standing at Coast High School. Also, “the high school experience” is different for each student and is not a “one size fits all.” Some students flourish in and prefer a smaller learning environment with flexible scheduling, and prefer to design their own free time activities and passions outside of school.


Can my student attend Coast High School and still participate in APA (Academy for the Performing Arts)?

Yes. APA is a district-wide program and students from Coast are therefore eligible for APA since Coast is a high school in the HBUHSD.


What students attend Coast High School?

In general, every school has every type of student. Coast students can range from professional models, actresses, actors, and athletes to gifted students to students who prefer a smaller learning environment, flexible scheduling, or smaller student:teacher ratios.