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At Coast High School, academic honesty is essential.


Teachers will evaluate student work to ensure that it accurately reflects student efforts, subject matter knowledge, and skill set mastery. Each student is expected to complete his/her own work, and to contact the teacher for clarification or review and reteaching if they need assistance in understanding concepts or content. Coast High School utilizes anti-plagiarism technology to ensure academic honesty and fairness.


Incidents of academic dishonesty are reported to the school administrator and will be placed in the student information system record. If it is determined that a student has not done his/her own work, the student may receive a variety of consequences, including one or more of the following: lowered grade in the course, dropped from the course (No Credit), grade of "F" for the test or assignment, final grade of "F" in the course, suspension, expulsion, and/or loss of all academic honors including scholarships, seal of biliteracy, and any/all recognition awards. Students may be placed on probation or transferred if academic honesty practices persist or are extreme in nature.


All students involved in acts of academic dishonesty will have consequences for their behavior. Students who violate rules and regulations will be subject to discipline, suspension, expulsion and/or transfer.