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ATTENDANCE LOG: A record of how much time a student spends working on a course. Includes time spent and number of assignments/activities completed.

PROGRESS REPORT: Course progress and grade information. Focus on “Course Completed” (percentage complete) shown by top bar graph versus “Target Completion” (where the student should be) below top bar graph.

GRADES: Edgenuity provides three grade measures: Actual, Overall, and Relative.

The Actual Grade is based upon what should be completed at present. The Actual Grade holds students accountable for missing assignments to date, but not for the entire course.

The Overall Grade is based solely on completed student work. Even if a student is two weeks behind, their Overall Grade could be 100% if that is what they have earned on completed assignments.

The Relative Grade includes all assignments in the entire class.

IDLE TIME vs. PRODUCTIVE TIME: Idle time is defined as when a student is logged in but not productive. Productive time is defined as when a student is logged in and completing assignments. Edgenuity logs both idle and productive time.